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Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy

Physical therapy refers to the application of professional physical therapy knowledge in the assessment and treatment of the human body in order to obtain, regain and maintain optimal function by the use of any suitable medium of therapeutic exercise, massage, mobilizations and/or manipulations and therapeutic modalities.

Physiotherapists are educated at a University level and each province has a regulatory body to govern their practice and promote the highest standards of care for the public.

Physiotherapy includes these different treatment approaches:

•Manual Therapy
•Therapeutic Exercises
•Electrotherapeutic Modalities
Manual Therapy: A hands on approach to normalize soft tissues including joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and the nervous system.

Therapeutic Exercises: To improve and promote strength, endurance, balance, mobility, function and fitness.

Electrotherapeutic Modalities: Application of heat, ice and various machines to improve pain and inflammation.

Education: Includes information specific to the individual to assist in recovery and for prevention.

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