Active Life Physiotherapy
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  • Core Stability & Functional Strength Course
  • Pre & Rehabilitation Healthy Joint Program 
  • Video Gait Analysis
  • Preventative Performance Evaluation 
  • Bike Fit Analysis
  • Ultimate Perfomance Package
  • Physiotherapy

Active Life Physiotherapy caters to everyone such as: athletes, the elderly, pre- or post-natal women, people with arthritis, those looking to improve their balance, post surgical clients, and many more.  If you are not sure if physiotherapy is right for you, please contact us to discuss your condition first.  You do not need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist. On your first visit you will be asked to give a detailed background of your medical history. Next you will recieve a thorough examination of your injured body part and any other areas that may be related to your injury. 

Your physiotherapist will then explain your condition and discuss a treatment plan with you and your expected length of recovery.  Treatment may consist of exercise, manual therapy, ultrasound or other electrotherapy, acupuncture, and education on how to manage your condition.  Your physiotherapist will communicate with any relevant health care practitioners when necessary.  Please bring appropriate clothing to your visit (i.e., shorts if you have injured any part of your lower extremity or back, and a tank top or bra top if you have injured your shoulder, neck, or mid-back). 

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