At Achieva Health's Toronto health clinic, we provide a number of wellness services:

* Physiotherapy: Achieva Health providers can help you recover from a number of illnesses, sports injuries, accidents, and inactivity. Our Toronto physiotherapists help patients with orthopedic conditions such as low back pain, osteoporosis, joint and soft tissue injuries, connective tissue injuries, circulatory conditions and much more.
* Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapy is focused on promoting health and well-being through occupation (everything we do during the course of everyday life). We can help patients obtain optimal health in their everyday activities.
* Massage Therapy: Registered Massage Therapists gently manipulate the body's soft tissues to reduce pain, stress, and muscle spasms. Massage therapy can help a variety of conditions.
* Kinesiology: This is the study of human motion, and it is excellent for a wide variety of conditions. Kinesiology can help physical challenges associated with back pain, repetitive strain injury, and arthritis, help you recover more quickly after surgery, oversee home rehabilitation, and be an effective form of prenatal and postnatal care.
* Nutritional counselling: Nutrition counseling helps patients to make healthy diet choices and lose weight while managing disease, and more.
* Achieva Fitness: our SmartFit30 programs are customized to each individual's fitness level.
* Naturopathic Medicine: Naturopaths work with a combination of scientific knowledge and natural forms of medicine to provide you with a variety of alternative health remedies for numerous conditions, including women's health concerns, colds and flu, chronic health conditions and more.
* Chiropractic Care: This gentle, manual approach to patient care through adjustments can reduce pain, and improve balance and posture.  
* Acupuncture: this ancient form of natural, Traditional Chinese Medicine works with the belief that we all have a vital energy called "Qi" (pronounced chee) that flows throughout the entire body, and can be balanced through the insertion of fine needles.

Visit Achieva's website for more information on their Toronto private health services.

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