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Academy Chiropractic Services

Chiropractors can play a major part in relieving disorders and pain and discomfort arising from lack of exercise, accidents, stress, illness or poor posture. They can be invaluable in restoring normal function to the musculoskeletal system of a patient.

There are numerous complaints that can be alleviated by expert chiropractic care.

These include:

• headaches and migraines
• whiplash
• neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain
• low back pain, herniated disc or sciatica
• pelvic joint imbalance
• curvature of the spine or scoliosis
• nerve entrapment
• poor athletic performance or sports injuries
• arthritis
• muscle imbalances
• poor posture


Academy Chiropody Services

We also offer a range of chiropody services to treat a variety of foot problems:

• General foot treatment
• Fungal and bacterial infections
• Infected, ingrown and deformed toenails
• Verrucae or plantar warts
• Hard skin: calluses and corns
• Arthritic foot problems
• Sports injuries
• Children’s Feet
• Custom Orthotics and Biomechanical Assessments
• Diabetic foot problems

To perform these chiropractic and chiropody treatments in our Toronto clinic, we generally use laser, ultrasound, interferential current, low voltage therapy, myopercussion, massage, manual manipulation and exercise. Book a consultation with us today and see how we can improve your chiropractic health.

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