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At 365Wellness we do things differently and we are proud of that. ​ Instead of simply looking at you as a bunch of parts that can fail individually and trying to fix these individual parts separately, we know that you are much more complex than that. Your health (or lack of) is a result how your system deals with what you do to it, both good and bad, in your everyday life. It is how your body as a whole system is able to cope with these stresses that leads to either good health or poor health. Simply fixing a broken part without addressing the underlying problem is like replacing a worn tire when the cause of the premature wear is improper wheel alignment. Unless you address the underlying problem, the symptom will always come back. ​ That’s why we take a whole systems approach to your health which involves engaging you as both a client in our clinic and the owner of your own health and wellness. It’s why we refer to you as a client in our clinic and why you will never be called a “Patient” at 365Wellness. ​ You might think it strange that we don’t use the word patient but we have our reasons and we think they are really good ones too!!!! ​ The word patient implies that you have a passive role to play in your health. Take for instance the term Doctor-patient relationship. This term essentially creates a power imbalance that puts the doctor in charge of doing something and the patient in charge of receiving it as if creating better health were that simple. ​ It is an antiquated model that aims to serve the needs of the health care provider more than it does the “patient” and we care too much about our clients to not put their needs first. ​ Fortunately for our clients, we know that their role is anything but passive and good health starts with them; not us. Our job is to help support our clients and give them the tools they need to do the job right. As owners of their own health, they are truly the ones in the position of authority when it comes to getting and staying healthy and we are just fine with that. ​ So enough about us…..we want to know more about you and how we can help you take Contact info, office address, office phone number, office contact and informational video upon services for (365 Wellness Conception Bay South) A1W 3A3, NL at

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