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The "30 Minute Hit" is a circuit training women's fitness program that takes place around 13 stations. Each station lasts for two minutes, and there are various elements of boxing, kickboxing, and core strengthening exercises. The fitness equipment for the circuit training consists of Swiss balls, punching bags, and medicine balls, and there is an instructor on the floor at all times to assist and motivate you!

30 Minute Hit Vancouver: Fitness Levels

Whatever your level of fitness, 30 Minute Hit is a good fit for you. The fast-paced, fun and challenging circuit training workout appeals to all women, because it's delivered in a friendly and non-intimidating environment. At 30 Minute Hit, our team strives to create a women's circuit training workout that appeals to you and gets great results. We recommend three sessions per week in order to maximize results. Most women see results in only their second week, and we know that in just 30 minutes you'll feel more empowered, energized,  and have an overall feeling of accomplishment!

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