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The pharmacists at 108 Stop Pharmacy, Surrey, BC are in good standing with the College of Pharmacists in their province. If you are looking for local services from a Pharmacy, contact a pharmacist at a pharmacy such as, 108 Stop Pharmacy, with this phone number (604) 957-0711.

A pharmacist provides resources on drug uses and roles, and potential drug interactions and side effects. In addition to dispensing medications, a pharmacist can assist you with information on over-the-counter vs. prescription drug options, travel vaccinations, chronic disease management, monitoring your progress, disposing of unused prescriptions and much more.

The speaker in the video may have no association with, 108 Stop Pharmacy, Surrey, BC. 108 Stop Pharmacy, pharmacy, may offer some of the treatment options shown in the video. Always talk with your health care practitioner about the treatments and procedures they perform, and if they would be appropriate for you.

Please contact 108 Stop Pharmacy, pharmacy, Surrey, BC to enquire if this pharamcy is accepting new patients.

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