FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Robert G. Devenyi, MD, FRCSC. Vitreoretinal Surgeon DATE July 29 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Robert G. Devenyi, MD, FRCSC. Vitreoretinal Surgeon DATE July 29 2019

2019 / 07 / 30

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Robert G. Devenyi, MD, FRCSC. Vitreoretinal Surgeon DATE July 29 2019

Health Choices is excited to announce the appointment of Robert G. Devenyi, MD, FRCSC. Vitreoretinal Surgeon, to the Health Choices First medical Board. Dr Devenyi is joining Health Choices First’s experienced Ophthalmologist & Optometrist group, who will be focusing on creating multi-language video material for the patient education platform and physician websites.

“Health Choices First is rolling out its patient based chronic disease programs to include video-based information to attract specialists and patients to its new websites its building for healthcare Practitioners and to the HCF platform. Dr Deveny will be working closely with other ophthalmologists and optometrists towards this large-scale initiative, helping us create and expand this unique educational tool.”

The platform will include emailable Ophthalmology and Optometrist video libraries of content around preparation for surgery, disease management, treatment options and the diversity of treatment methods. HCF will be producing French, Arabic , Punjabi, Chinese and Hindi videos that contain fresh content for its libraries by using animation techniques, relevant filler and Key Opinion Leaders from across Canada.

“These video libraries and websites are the ideal way to increase patient engagement and participation,” says Jackson Sayers. Health care providers can email patients relevant content, which then brings patients back to the HCF site to interact with more content and local solutions.”

Dr Robert G. Devenyi is Ophthalmologist-in-Chief and Director of Retinal Services The University Health Network, Co-Director, The Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute, The University Health Network Karen and William Barnett Chair in Ophthalmolgy, The University of Toronto,Professor of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences The University of Toronto ,Vitreoretinal Surgery Lead, The Kensington Eye Institute The University of Toronto to its Medical Board.

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