MRI Scans vs CT Scans vs Ultrasound Scans

Audrey Spielmann, MD FRCP(C), discusses MRI, CT and ultrasound.

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Audrey Spielmann, MD FRCP(C), discusses MRI, CT and ultrasound.
Dr. Audrey Spielmann

Dr. Audrey Spielmann

Vancouver, BC
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Featuring Dr. Audrey Spielmann, MD, FRCPC

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The benefit of MRI is that we can view the soft tissues and so in sports-related injuries in particular we can look at the ligaments in tendons and muscles.

And when we look at the brain we can see the detail in the brain tissue in great detail with MRI. With CT, the best use is to look for fractures and bony abnormalities, and so, or irregularity of the cartilage or bone underneath the cartilage.

And ultrasound is useful, it's a great screening test or a first-line examination. And we can look at the soft tissues; we don't see bone very well with ultrasound, but to get a dynamic examination as a first line of the soft tissues ultrasound is very useful for that.

If you have any more questions about how MRI or other imaging modalities might help with your sports injury, you can talk to your family doctor or any imaging center.