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Family History Peter House

Dr. Peter House discusses the family history health assessment. Dr. Peter House is in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.
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Family Health Risk Assessment

Featuring Dr. Peter House, MD

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Family history is a crucial part of a CHA to assist the health professionals, evaluate what other risks you may have which cannot be determined by laboratory testing, physical examination, or other diagnostic tests.

It really looks at what is your risk according to your genetic makeup. And so with that what we look at is the health of your mother, your father, your brothers and sisters predominantly. As we go further down the family tree the risk stratification becomes less important.

So those key members of your family who are considered first generation relatives are really the key to a successful family history. The reason for doing a family history of course is to try and predict whether or not you may be at risk as a patient or a client for these diseases or conditions that have run in your family in the past.

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