Ergonomics and Posture at the Office - How to Avoid Injury

Jackson Sayers, BSc (Kinesiology), discusses office posture and injuries.

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Jackson Sayers, BSc (Kinesiology), discusses office posture and injuries.
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Featuring Jackson Sayers, BSc., Kinesiologist, CEO

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Many of us have pre-existing injuries that we take with us to the office. Sitting in a chair can aggravate them a great deal. Low backs, shoulders, necks.

And we really have to think about the injury when we get to the office. They have very little stamina in them typically, and when you get engrossed into a job and you’re thinking about a project you have a very easy tendency to forget about the injury.

Make sure you think about your posture position when you’re at work, and get up out of your chair or the ball every 30 minutes, do some light stretching, walk around, have some water. Injuries only have so much strength in them and you’ve got to be thinking about them.

Presenter: Mr. Jackson Sayers, Kinesiologist, Vancouver, BC

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