Rhiannon Greening, Doula, Lloydminster, AB

Rhiannon Greening

Rhiannon Greening

Lloydminster, AB
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My name is Rhiannon Greening and I am a Birth Doula which basically means I offer constant support to a woman in labour. A Doula is a nonmedical person who assists a woman before, during, and after childbirth, as well as her partner, by providing information, physical assistance, and emotional support. In a sense I "mother the mother". Having a Doula can help the mother have a more satisfying birth experience.

I have been serving as a doula for three years now. With all 4 of my own births, I have experienced lots of interventions that I thought were "normal"- things I thought I didn't have a choice in, its just how labour and birth goes. I have learned way more through my course than I ever thought I ever would and I am still learning. I am so happy to give women information about natural, normal birth along side my own experiences of a typical hospital birth.

If you are wanting more information about hiring a Birth Doula please feel free to contact me:)

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    There are a number of different health care providers a woman might see during and after her pregnancy, including a doula. If you’re looking for info on Exercising Safely During Pregnancy, ask for some information from a Doula in Lloydminster, AB, such as Rhiannon Greening.

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