Dr. Rajender Kumar, Psychiatrist, Sudbury, ON

Dr. Rajender Kumar

Dr. Rajender Kumar

Sudbury, ON
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( Dr. Rajender Kumar, Psychiatrist, Sudbury, ON ) is in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

If you are looking for local services or treatment in the office or hospital from a Psychiatrist, contact a provider such as ( Dr. Rajender Kumar ) with this phone number to inquire if they are excepting patients or you need a referral. Phone number to book an appointment (705) 675-5900 Ext. 8234

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    He completely ignores when i try to tell him that i tend to get extremely tolerant to certain medication classes very quickly, and the therapeutic level intended, is not nearly reached. he completely dismisses me, when i tell him a certain med he forces on me is making me physically ill. he seems to dispute the fact, that i truly am trying to find a balance, between happy and healthy, to have a good journey, as opposed to a long insufferable one, and on my most recent appointment, he CLEARLY and deliberately expressed irritation at having to 'deal' with me, after cancelling an appointment i had been desperately waiting for. he has no respect for the fact that i have interest in maintaining my brain function and ability to process complex thoughts, and with his treatment method, becoming an active participating member of society again will be completely impossible. as physically ill as i am at this very moment, caused specifically by a med i am being forced to take, ie take it or get no help, as opposed to exploring alternative methods, i can truly describe him as negligent, negative, and generally unpleasant. He is clearly more concerned with maintaining his reputation, than maintaining my health, and is running wild on treating me on a misdiagnosis. With as many degrees are on his wall, the years of work, effort, learning and study, now mean nothing to me, and in my opinion, i do not believe for a second, that he has any right practicing psychiatry, if he chooses who he helps, and chooses who he hurts... and this man is truly brilliant, but the fact that he will knowingly cause me to suffer, seemingly without care.... that should say plenty . the ray of hope i once saw in his degrees and years of study, now look like a tool to help or hurt who he likes and dislikes. after reading this, check his patient reviews, you will likely see what i mean.
    Submitted: April 28, 2018

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    When it comes to Bipolar II Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment, a psychiatrist may provide solutions in addition to your family doctor. For more information on medications and mental health support, contact a local Psychiatrist in Sudbury, ON, such as Dr. Rajender Kumar.
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    A psychiatrist can be a good resource when exploring Treatment Options for Depression. To learn more about psychotherapy, medications for depression and lifestyle changes, you could contact a local Psychiatrist in Sudbury, ON, such as Dr. Rajender Kumar.

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