Dr. Mark Halman, Psychiatrist, Toronto, ON

Dr. Mark Halman

Dr. Mark Halman

Toronto, ON
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( Dr. Mark Halman, Psychiatrist, Toronto, ON ) is in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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    Saw Dr Mark Howard Halman on a consultation and follow up appt at Mount Sinai Hospital in downtown Toronto Canada. WOW arrogant, rude and not helpful! I left in tears both times. Very rude bed side manners! Dr Mark Halman is in his mid 50s non professional / no interpersonal skills. He could barely keep awake during the consultation appt as he kept yawning like a lion. He was rude and annoyed throughout the appt as he struggled to stay awake. Dr M Halman did a very poor pysch history interview, asked random questions off the top of his head and focused on past things that don’t bother me, but wouldn’t let me talk about the issues/crisis I was experiencing today and needed help with. Dr M Halman talked down to me and I felt belittled like I was less of a person bc I suffer from mental illness. He got angry especially if I went off topic, bc I wanted to discuss things that bothered me now, but he didn’t like being interrupted. I couldn’t ask any questions WTF useless appt and he earns ohip millions to snooze all day at MSH. His clerical assistant was also rude and useless, she never returned phone calls and took forever to book the appointments with Dr Halman. according to her, Dr Halman was always on vacation and not in the office lol. Dr Halman didn’t explain my diagnosis, didn’t explain the prescribed meds or side effects during the appt. Later, I read his consult report and found a lot of inconsistencies and things he missed and or misunderstood. He included what he wanted to in that report, and that was to make me look bad. He said he explained/discussed at length about dx and meds and he never mentioned a word. Both appts were rushed bc he was late bc he was roaming the halls doing nothing. For follow up Dr Halman was unprepared as he didn’t read the previous notes so he was lost and scatter brained. When I arrived to the appt, he was already angry and pissed off and in a bad mood about something else but took it out on me instead. He spoke rudely and loudly and I felt very intimidated by him. I already felt ill and he made me feel worse. Dr M Halman got angry bc I asked him why he was angry at me and that just made things worse. He was fuming and I got terrified; I couldn’t even speak and he looked at me like I was crazy and yelled “what’s wrong?” I should not have gone to the follow up appt bc he was an arse at the first appt and useless. If I needed pills I could just go to a vending machine and swipe my card and have the machine spit out the pills. I wouldn’t need his arrogant rude useless services. Oh did I mention Dr Mark Howard Halman of MSH in Toronto is very rude and arrogant and a useless Doctor??? He is unprofessional and has a short temper and snapped loudly at me a few times especially during the follow up appt when I confronted him about his anger/attitude. I never saw him smile once; maybe he needs some of his own pills. Dr Mark Halman of MSH in Toronto, Canada is a consultation Doctor only and treats outpatients in the general psychiatric assessment clinic, to evaluate and diagnose mental illness and NOT a Dr that you would go to in a state of crisis/emergency and in need for help. For that you have to go to the ER or call the Toronto distress Help line 416-408-4357 – do not wait for an appt with Dr M Halman bc he will NOT listen and he will NOT help and he will NOT care! Dr. Mark Halman is a lazy rude arse of a Dr!
    Submitted: June 27, 2017

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    When it comes to Bipolar II Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment, a psychiatrist may provide solutions in addition to your family doctor. For more information on medications and mental health support, contact a local Psychiatrist in Toronto, ON, such as Dr. Mark Halman.
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