Dr. Marie Geizer, Psychiatrist, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Marie Geizer

Dr. Marie Geizer

Vancouver, BC
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( Dr. Marie Geizer, Psychiatrist, Vancouver, BC ) is in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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    I am writing this review bring to light Dr. Geizer’s callous, unprofessional and unethical behaviour. Ultimately, I want to ensure that no other families experience the unnecessary psychological and emotional trauma that we experienced by psychiatrist Dr. Geizer prior to my mother passing away from cancer. I have already addressed this issue directly with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. On March 17th, 2016, hospital staff approached my mother and I and said that they would like to speak to my mother about the fact that she is dying. I explicitly said no to staff coming into the ward and telling that she was going to die because I knew that this would make her give up all hope and leave her extremely — and unnecessarily — distraught. Within a few moments after I explicitly said no to staff entering, I saw Dr. Geizer come in with a Russian translator. Dr. Geizer and the translator proceeded to speak to my mother. The translator outright asked my mother, “do you want to die?”. With these words, my mother burst out crying and because very scared, distraught and emotional. The trauma and cold-hearted callousness inflicted on my mother was completely out of line and inhumane. Dr. Geizer could have spoken to my mother kindly — instead, she demonstrated that she didn’t care at all about other human beings.
    Submitted: January 13, 2017

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