Dr. Jan Louise Banasch, Psychiatrist, Edmonton, AB

Dr. Jan Louise Banasch

Dr. Jan Louise Banasch

Edmonton, AB
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( Dr. Jan Louise Banasch, Psychiatrist, Edmonton, AB ) is in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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    FIrst off I was misdiagnosed DRUGGED aand Forcibly held down and drugs injected into me. THAT IS NOT PATIENT CARE that is ASSAULT when a person is mislabeled misdiagnosed and treated this way. when a person is forcibly confined to a hospital put to a review panel which is set up in favor of doctors not the patients, and when a patient states that they should be tested for Autism before anything else. a patient should have rights. Being called imcompitent strips the patient of rights to be protected and leaves them open to harm. Jan Louise Banasch should be fired. After drugging me and assaulting me for months and seeing that it did not help I was eventually tested for AUTISM as I orginally stated in the review panel as it turns out I do have AUTISM and Millions of tax payers dollars DRUG REACTIONS her lies about be being on those drugs in the past and having sucess at curing me were proven as lies. As the treatment progressed and she had stated I had been abused as a child. She has SEVERELY done damage all because in 2007 she could not test her patient for Autism, in 2017 before drugging and assaulting her patient she had to in fact do HARM the oposite of her Oath of Doing NO harm first. She ignored and drugged a person. PYCHOSIS symptom Persectutory Ideation.... Autism Persecutory Ideation.... EVEN THE REVIEW PANEL should have been forced to do no harm first. I am sorry this doctor should not have access to patients. When there is conflicting or possibly more than one option the rule should be go with the NO HARM FIRST. I am not sure I will ever get over what has happened to me.
    Submitted: February 28, 2019

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