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Yoga North offers four levels of Iyengar yoga classes from Level I (introductry, beginner level), Level II and III (intermediate), to Level IV (an advanced class for senior students and teachers).

In all levels the practice will include some classes that are of a more restorative nature and others that are more active and faster paced.

Progression through the levels tends to be highly individual and requires a consultation with a teacher. In addition, there are several sepcialized classes offered throughout the year with a defined focus or for specific needs or groups.

  • In Level I, about 25 yoga postures are introduced which provide the foundation for a well-rounded yoga practice. Through these foundational postures, students learn how to practice yoga in the Iyengar method correctly and safely and develop the strength, stamina, flexibility and body awareness required to proceed to the next level. Students learn to be familiar with the props used for various postures. Each subsequent level builds on the previous one by adding more postures and deepening the yoga experience.
  • Level II students become comfortable with a longer shoulderstand, as well as prepare for and begin headstands.
  • Students progressing to Level III must have a solid 3-5 minute shoulderstand. Among other postures, headstand is practiced regularly with increasingly longer holds.
  • Level IV involves longer, sustained holding of the postures, more advanced postures, and headstands of 5 minutes or more.


This is a gentler yoga class where seniors, 65 years plus, can develop greater flexibility, balance, strength, and much more ease in their bodies. Practiced correctly, yoga can help ease the discomfort of arthritis and the general aches and pains of aging. If you enjoy physical activity in the company of your peers, this class is for you.

Yoga Workout

For those with at least six months yoga experience, this guided class provides an opportunity to practice a full range of yoga poses in a continuous, faster paced flow.

Basic and Restorative Yoga

A class combining basic asanas for strength and flexibility, and postural improvement with relaxation. Suitable for all levels, including Level 1 students and those recovering from injury or illness.


A Sadhana is a guided practice offered early in the morning for a number of consecutive days. It offers the student the opportunity to experience and develop a daily practice.

Men's Class

This Class is for new and returning men who want to explore how yoga can address fitness, injury, stiffness and stress.

Teacher Training

We have an on-going teacher training program For more information, please see the teacher training page in this site, or call Yoga North.

Cancer Class

Co-sponsored by CancerCare Manitoba, this class is for anyone who is currently undergoing a cancer treatment, or is within 6 months of having completed a cancer treatment regime. Registration is through CancerCare Manitoba. Please call Viola Giesbrecht at 204.787.4119 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á204.787.4119-á-á-á-á-á-áend_of_the_skype_highlighting for registration and information.

Winnipeg Insight Meditation Group

This group meets every Sunday morning from at 11:00am, September through May. The group is open to anyone who wishes to join others in the practice of Vipassana or insight meditation, the oldest of Buddhist meditation practices. For more information, call 204.453.3637 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á204.453.3637-á-á-á-á-á-áend_of_the_skype_highlighting.

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