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Restorative Yoga

This class offers the relaxation benefits of Yoga. Suitable for beginners, this gentle yoga practice helps with improving flexibility and calms the mind. Poses are done using bolsters, straps, and blocks facilitating stress release and comfort. The end result is deep relaxation and pain relief.

Basic alignment

This class offers the foundation for all Yoga postures. Alignment principles and breath-work combine to optimally position the body increasing flexibility, balance and coordination. Working at a relaxed pace, learn the basis of each individual pose and how they work to bring balance to the whole. Props are available to ensure that all levels of practice are satisfied.

Slow Flow

Learn how to bring more fluidity to your movement, opening your joints, increasing range of motion, and finding the grace to move through any challenge. By linking postures together, moving slowly, and focusing on your breathing, you will move energy and get into the zone. Movement becomes a meditation and the poses begin to feel effortless. This class is suitable for active beginners and ongoing students.

Vinyasa Flow

A challenging practice in which postures are linked together to develop flexibility, stamina, and total body strength. Posters are sequenced together to help maximize your efforts to achieve peak postures. This class is suitable for ongoing and advanced students.

Fusion Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic, organic flow emphasizing authentic movement deeply rooted in alignment principles and joy. Fusing aspects of Yoga, Martial Arts, Breath and Energy work to create a free flowing class designed to cultivate the practitioners' awareness of self.

Power Yoga

This vigorous Vinyasa practice offers a total body cleanse, building heat and flushing out toxins. Practiced in a heated room (90 degrees) you sweat to work every muscle group and release deeply held tensions. With an emphasis on core stability, mental concentration, and physical power, this class works to bring out your best. This class is suitable for ongoing hot yoga students and advanced students.

The Master Class

This is a class that combines the many elements of a full spectrum Yoga class, giving you a truly authentic experience of Yoga. You will practice many of the yogic techniques that bring mental clarity including meditation, breathing practices, and chanting. Designed to keep you inspired and constant in your yoga practice, you will have the opportunity to reflect and grow from you practice. This class is accessible for those with some prior experience in Yoga and ideal for those who want more from their practice.

Open Flow Yoga

Take your Vinyasa practice to the next level of freedom and movement. Creative sequencing will move you, constantly bringing you to a new way of experiencing poses. Multidirectional, ever-evolving, and spiritually poetic are the best words to describe this full expression of Yoga. This is suitable for ongoing vinyasa students and for those who love to move.

Dancing Warrior Yoga

This class has everything. It is the culmination of all of our classes that bridges Alignment with vigorous Flow practices, leading ultimately to meditative inspiration. You will benefit from many years of study and a living practice that is truly life affirming. Within this class you will venture to new ground, a higher perspective, and feel the life changing quality of embodied yoga. This class is suitable for ongoing and advanced Yogis and Yoginis.

Pre-Natal Yoga

Pregnancy is a special time in a womans life... a time for nurturing, slowing down and learning to relax.These unique Prenatal Yoga classes provide a safe, simple and effective exercises designed to strengthen and relax your rapidly changing body, preparing you for a conscious childbirth.

Kundalini Yoga

Available in private lessons intended to develop a home practice.
For public classes call Kirthi Kaur @ 792-3341.

Thai Massage Workshop

Friday Nov.6th. 6:30 - 9:30 pm. Preregistration only.

Thai Massage Classes

Every Saturday from Nov. 7th - Nov 28th at 4:05 pm - 5:35pm. Preregistration only.
(Note: Classes held at Fitness Edge)