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Dr. Murray is a highly trained and certified plastic surgeon with a notable career. Here are some key highlights of his background: Dr. Murray received his medical training at the University of Dalhousie and the University of Western Ontario. He pursued additional fellowship training at the University of Western Ontario and Southern Illinois University to further refine his surgical skills. Dr. Murray is certified to practice in both Canada and the United States, indicating a high level of expertise and qualifications. His involvement in national and international societies, including serving as President of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery, reflects his dedication to his field and commitment to advancing the practice of plastic surgery. Dr. Murray has established himself as a leading surgeon in Winnipeg specializing in transgender surgeries, demonstrating his expertise in this important area of plastic surgery. His recognition as a Top Doctor in Winnipeg by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals underscores his reputation and contributions to healthcare. Dr. Murray's extensive training, certifications, and leadership roles in plastic surgery, along with his specialization in transgender surgeries, position him as a respected and skilled practitioner in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
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