Island Eyecare

Phone: 250.383.3937
Fax: 250.360.2375
G9 - 1001 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC
V8W 2C5
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Island Eyecare is an optomertric practice which also has an optical dispensary located in downtown Victoria.-á We-átake pride in putting patient care first and fulfilling their eyecare needs.Island Eyecare, Victoria, BC

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Island Eyecare has a highly technological office with excellent diagnostic equipment.-á With a visual field analyzer and retinal camera on site, the optometrist is-áable to benefit patients more by-áaccurately diagnosing glaucoma and other diseases of the eye.

Island Eyecare also has a professional optician to help with the process of glasses selection within the optical dispensary.-á With all of the options out there, choosing the correct pair of glasses can be very overwhelmeing.-á Our optician-áis well trained and useful in providing information on the specifics of different types of lenses and coatings.-á We will always listen to your needs and find the perfect product for you.-áOur-áoptical dispensary has something for everyone.

Island Eyecare cuts some lenses-áin the office lab-áand so, depending-áupon the prescription, your glasses can be ready-áthe same day.-á If we do-ánot-áhave the lenses in stock, it-ágenerally will only take a few days to about a week for the glasses to be ready.

When you come to Island Eyecare, the receptionist will check you in and do some pretesting.-á You will then see the optometrist who will do a complete eye exam and go over the results with you.-á If there is a need for glasses, they can be chosen and the process begun the same day.-á If there is a need for contact lenses, depending on the prescription, it can also be done the same day or within a few days.

We do our best at Island Eyecare to make your visit convenient and informational.-á To learn more about our family practice, feel free to give us a call or drop by and have a look at the office in beautiful downtown Victoria!

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