Care From The Core

Phone: 306-347-2382
2054 Broad St
Regina, SK

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Core Activities

  • We provide networking opportunities for practitioners and clients in the field of complementary and alternative health. See our Resources section.

  • We disseminate information on a wide number of ideas and topics to those who are seeking a sense of life as coherent, manageable and meaningful.

  • Care From The Core offers information, tools and resources that enhance self-understanding and help bring balance into one’s life.

  • Locally we provide programs and classes that address these issues.

  • We provide and fund programs aimed at youth and adults in the inner city, offering them tools and skills that enable them to discriminate between choices that help and those that don’t – programs that allow exploration of alternative outcomes to that currently dictated by where they live.

  • Room to rent for meetings, presentations, workshops, etc.

Lending Library of self-help and spiritual books.

Complete referral service for complementary/alternative healthcare

Registry for complementary/alternative modalities. Website listings and Directory

We serve as an umbrella group of like-minded people, and speak as such to the wider community.

We hold presentations, demonstrations, workshops, seminars and displays at CFTC. As well, we go to a place of business or a meeting place and talk about wholistic/complementary health and about Care From The Core.

Opportunities to join and to serve CFTC in whatever capacity is chosen. Provides training, friendship, networking and a sense of satisfaction while serving the community.

As a member, opportunities to co-facilitate programs and/or make presentations and hold workshops in your area of expertise with full support from CFTC.

Member advertising opportunities in the newsletter and other publications, and on our website.
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