Calgary Mountain Bikes

For all things up, down and upside down.

We stock Norco, Trek and Brodie mountain bikes.

Calgary BMX Bikes

SupercaliRadical BMXpialidotious

At B&P we carry all you need to get your bmx buzz. A full range of bikes from budget minded entry level to fully tricked out bmx superstars are waiting for you to let them loose. Check out our service shop where we have a BMX enthusiast working on the bikes. So if you need some quality work done to your BMX or just some advice drop in and see us.

Calgary Recreational Bikes

Finding fun is as easy as riding a bike

Kids bikes, Cruisers, Family or just plain fun! At B&P Cycle, you'll get more than just the best bike for your money - you'll get the most useful advice to help make your bike buying decision.

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