Partners with Livecare to Offer Secure Video Conferencing Partners with Livecare to Offer Secure Video Conferencing

2015 / 09 / 16 Partners with Livecare to Offer Secure Video Conferencing


September 16, 2015 (VANCOUVER) is proud to announce a partnership with Livecare, a Vancouver-based, physician-owned company that gives patients access to quality, real-time healthcare.

“HCF will be offering video conferencing for both medical and allied health professionals,” says Jackson Sayers, CEO, “They will be able to access relevant content and local practitioners through our disease-specific and condition-specific dashboards. They can access information during a video conferencing session, or direct a consumer to local providers or educational videos if needed. This really rounds out the patient experience.”

This video conferencing tool allows consumers to “meet” with health care providers using a computer, video camera and microphone, which operate over a secure network. Telemedicine, or telehealth, is being called “the future of health care” and offers a number of benefits to patients, including:

• Wait and travel times are decreased or eliminated completely

• Those with diseases or mobility issues can interact face-to-face with a health care professional from the comfort of home

• People living in rural communities can access a range of services

• Reduction of travel costs and work missed due to appointments

“HCF has a unique platform with disease- and condition-specific dashboards,” says Sayers. “With Livecare’s secure video conferencing tool, plus a new partnership with to offer online booking, HCF is the most advanced patient portal in the North American market.”

“We are very excited to partner with HealthChoicesFirst,” says Mark Godley, CEO, Livecare. “Our partnership offers patients an unprecedented opportunity to obtain second opinions in a confidential patient-centric environment.”

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