Announces Video Collaboration with Rogers Healthcare Group Announces Video Collaboration with Rogers Healthcare Group

2014 / 04 / 03 Announces Video Collaboration with Rogers Healthcare Group


APRIL 3, 2014 Toronto | (HCF) and Rogers Healthcare Group have announced a new collaboration that will see Rogers Healthcare Group utilize's current database of 1,700 clinical videos, in order to deliver new and rich content to its medical, pharmacy and audiences within its portal.

“We see this as a rich content boost with twofold benefits for our healthcare professional (HCP) audiences,” said Rick Campbell, editorial director of Rogers Healthcare Group. “Not only will the videos contain great peer-to-peer information from top experts in the country, they will also serve as valuable clinical refreshers and assist HCPs when connecting with their patients.”

Video is one of the fastest growing segments of medical education. HCF has amassed a vast selection of expert, evidence-based content featuring key clinical opinion leaders (KOLs) that can be used with a variety of tools to gain insight into how both the medical and the consumer market digest and retain clinical information.

“Rogers Healthcare Group and are the perfect fit to leverage our site’s large group of peer speakers to develop a deeper level of content for the healthcare professional community,” said Jackson Sayers, CEO, “And with the demand there, we will also be looking to serve French language HCPs as well on Rogers’ ProfessionSanté.ca site, plus any number of extended uses such as with EMRs, in healthcare settings, and with healthcare apps.”

On the healthcare app front, also recently joined forces with Liberate Health, a new Canadian-developed iPad app and secure patient portal designed to revolutionize the doctor-patient relationship. Liberate and Rogers Healthcare Group are also working collaboratively, and HealthChoicesFirst has become the sole video content provider for Liberate.

“Statistics show that patients only retain about 20% of what their healthcare providers tell them about their diseases and conditions, treatments and ongoing management,” says Sayers. “Our video content will help healthcare professionals distill complex information into an easy-to-understand format to better enhance patient understanding. It’s definitely taking clinical teaching to the next level.”

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In reaching 110,000 via print and over 100,000 physicians, pharmacists, nurses and healthcare managers in one online community, Rogers Healthcare Group educates and informs our audiences to advance their professional and personal lives and to promote better health for all Canadians. Rogers Healthcare Group is part of Rogers Publishing, a division of Rogers Media Inc.

Rick Campbell, Editorial Director, Rogers Healthcare Group


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