Announces Exclusive Video Content Deal with Liberate Health, a Collaboration with the Rogers Healthcare Group Announces Exclusive Video Content Deal with Liberate Health, a Collaboration with the Rogers Healthcare Group

2014 / 01 / 22 Announces Exclusive Video Content Deal with Liberate Health, a Collaboration with the Rogers Healthcare Group

January 22, 2014 (VANCOUVER) is excited to announce an exclusive video  content deal with Liberate Health, a US and Canadian company in collaboration with the Rogers Healthcare Group. will be the sole video content provider for the Liberate mobile health app, a tablet (iOS), mobile (iOS) and cloud-based eco-system that helps healthcare professionals such as physicians and pharmacists create and share educational content with patients. 

“Statistics show that patients only retain about 20 percent of what their healthcare providers tell them about their diseases and conditions, treatments and ongoing management,” says Jackson Sayers, CEO, “With the Liberate app and video content, healthcare providers can distill complex information into an easy-to-understand format the patient can refer to anywhere, anytime. By leveraging our wealth of expert content and Liberate's technology, we'll be offering a unique solution that revolutionizes patient education and care.”

Healthcare practitioners can provide patients with detailed information customized to their situation, including videos, audio, screen annotations, text, photos and documents. These will be compiled into a PVR (Patient Visit Record), which healthcare providers and patients can access and share. 

“ focuses on comprehensive solutions, with experts speaking on numerous topics relevant to healthcare providers and patients including diabetes, arthritis, cancer, pregnancy, dementia and brain injury,” says Sayers. “In addition, HCF has content on nutrition, exercise, alternative medicine and physiotherapy, allowing patients to take control of their own health through lifestyle changes. So, this app will really be a valuable tool for a patient’s long-term health planning and overall well-being.”

About is a national health and wellness directory that connects consumers with providers such as physicians, dentists and physiotherapists based on their geographic location, and features over 1,500 solution-based videos and articles. With resources on topics such as diabetes, nutrition, fitness, prenatal and postnatal health, sexual health and sports injuries, is the largest provider of video content of its kind in North America. HealthChoicesFirst is backed by a number of qualified and experienced partners, and continues to expand its medical and corporate governance boards across the country.

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About Liberate Health

Liberate Health is a company within the US and Canada that offers an iOS- and cloud-based system for physicians and other medical authorities to create, leverage, dispense, and share patient information to educate and influence behaviour across the entire patient care pathway including condition, treatment, and ongoing disease management.

At point-of-care the healthcare practitioner, which may be a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, chiropractor or other provider, utilizes the Liberate app on an Apple iPad or iPad mini (iPad enjoys > 70% adoption with US physicians). 
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