What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Stacy Elliott, MD, discusses premature ejaculation.

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Stacy Elliott, MD, discusses premature ejaculation.
Dr. Stacy Elliott

Dr. Stacy Elliott

MD, Mens Sexual Health Specialist
Vancouver, BC
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Rapid or premature ejaculation is a condition where men ejaculate much sooner than they wish.

It's defined by three things: one is that the time it takes to ejaculate is very short, probably under a minute. The second thing is that there isn't a sense of control, and the third thing is it causes distress to either a man or his partner.

And using those definitions, there's probably lots of men that think they have premature ejaculation or rapid ejaculation. And the prevalence of it is about 30 percent across the board, across the ages.

I look at it as a sort of very hyperactive reflex, and it's normal. That's the way that men are made, and how they're defined as men, that you should ejaculate fast, so it's not an abnormality. The problem is that it doesn't work in your relationship, and you want to extend that time.

So you need to learn how to slow down that reflex through behavioral methods. If it's a real problem, sometimes we can add a medication in that will help delay that ejaculation, but it's really a combination that you have to be aware of.

No pill is going to get rid of this. You need to spend the time to learn how to slow down your own reflex.

If you have questions about premature ejaculation, contact a local sexual health physician.

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