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Dr. Sam Daher  works Invisalign  out of three  Daher Orthostyle locations: one in downtown Vancouver and one in West Vancouver and one in Calgary. These dental and orthodontic practices are not limited to Invisalign, but to the practice of esthetic orthodontics. Invisalign is the system of removable trays that straighten the teeth over time (often called "invisible braces"). We also offer Clarity braces, which are clear porcelain braces Invisalign . Both Invisalign and Clarity are excellent alternatives to traditional metal braces.

Dr. Sam Daher is a Montreal native and a graduate of McGill University (Dentistry degree, DDS). He also graduated from the Université de Montréal with a Specialty degree, M.Sc in Orthodontics and  Invisalign . Dr. Daher is fluent in both French and English.

After graduation, Dr. Daher operated a successful dentistry practice in Ottawa. He is a member of the "Invisalign Clinical Studies Network," a group of elite Invisalign  doctors around the world you perform clinical research on new Invisalign materials and techniques. Dr. Sam Daher taught orthodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry at the Universitié de Montréal and is now a part of various study clubs. Dr. Daher mentors dentists in his local community through lectures and educational seminars on Invisalign among other things .

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Dr. Daher and the team at Daher Orthostyle( Invisalign)  in Vancouver and Calgary use the latest in computer technology and imaging techniques. They provide patients of all ages in Vancouver with Invisalign to create  beautiful smiles through advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures. The team also prides themselves on the custom care and friendly service that they provide each patient.

Both kids and adults in Vancouver  can benefit from orthodontic treatment and Invisalign . (The Canadian and American Association of Orthodontists recommend that children have their first visit to the orthodontist at age seven.) While orthodontic or  Invisalign  treatment may take slightly longer in adults, it provides excellent results for people well into their retirement!

Come visit Dr. Sam Daher at Daher Orthostyle in Vancouver, West Vancouver or Downtown Vancouver today and find out how you on can improve your smile with  Invisalign or other treatments  .

Dr Sam Daher has two office locations that deal with Invsalign: one in Vancouver, one in West Vancouver, Calgary and one in downtown Vancouver.Invisalign

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