Dr. Sean Cambridge, Family Doctor, Chilliwack, BC

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Dr. Sean Cambridge

Family Doctor
Chilliwack, BC
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    This Doctor is brutal! He is never prepared and relies on you to diagnose. You can go in with excrutiating pain he will prescribe something sometimes and when you have a reaction he just blows you off. By far the worse Doctor I have ever ever ever had.
    Submitted: February 26, 2016

Family Doctor Health Talks – Take a look at your local options in Chilliwack

  • older lady lifting weights xsmall
    When dealing with Osteoporosis and the associated issues like joint pain, joint swelling and stiffness there are many different practitioner types who can help you including Rheumatologists, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Yoga Instructors, Personal Trainer and a Dr of Family Doctor in Chilliwack, BC
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    A lot of different Health Practioners can help you with allergies that can happen both to you or someone you know. The important thing to think about is getting help with understanding how the reaction can effect you in the short term and how to deal with it in the long term. Start by seeing a Dr of Family Doctor in Chilliwack, BC
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    In topics like What Are the Non-Contraceptive Benefits of the Pill? its important to consider the family Doctor as your first line of information and treatment options. While a Pharmacist is a good option as well as a nurse practitioner sometimes. Often not it always starts with the a Family Doctor in Chilliwack, BC
  • gout symptoms arthritis
    Certainly in the early diagnosis and treatment of gout the family doctor is often the person people start with in regards to treatment options. While the Rheumatologist is often the person who takes control of the treatment if you have RA you can certainly start with your Family Doctor in Chilliwack, BC
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    When looking at the definition of obesity and being over weight you can consider a MBI of 30 as being too high. When looking at who can help you with obesity and losing weight there are a many options including your Family Doctor in Chilliwack, BC
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    When consider the treatment options for an Infected Wound the Family Doctor is a great place to start to look for both information and treatment-management When faced with not knowing what your treatment options for or an infected wound consider a Family Doctor in Chilliwack, BC