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Injury Recovery Process Behnad Honarbakhsh

Behnad Honarbakhsh, MPT, BHK, CSCS, CAFCI, D.O.(c), discusses the injury recovery process. (Sponsored by: HealthChoicesFirst)
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The Injury Recovery Process

Featuring Behnad Honarbakhsh, MPT, BHK, CSCS, CAFCI, D.O.(c)

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With any injury your body kind of goes through three stages.

Initially, your body is trying to deal with the alarm, so in the first 72 hours it's trying to figure out what's happened and what it can do for it.

After about the 72 hours, sort of two days to six weeks your body is going through remodeling and laying down the scar tissue. And after that, from about four weeks up to a year you're doing the repair and maturation phase.

Now it's really important to understand that yes, we have these guidelines or stages, but every individual is different, so it's really important to go and see a qualified physiotherapist to determine what level and stage you as an individual end up in so that you're on the right treatment plan for what you need for what you need for that injury at that point in time.

If you have questions about the injury recovery process, contact a local physiotherapist.

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