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Isometric Hamstring Strength Jackson Sayers

Jackson Sayers, B.Sc. (Kinesiology), discusses increasing hamstring strength through isometric stretching. (Sponsored by: HealthChoicesFirst)
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How to Do an Isometric Hamstring Strength Exercise

Featuring Jackson Sayers, BSc (Kinesiology)

Duration: 57 seconds

This is a variation of the low back actually involves the hamstrings.

Ironically, the hamstrings are connected to the large gluteal muscles of the bum, and the bum connects to the low back. I think we've all heard that song! What we really want to be thinking about is how do we get our hamstring engaged, and this is a very good exercise for it.

Simply ut the Swiss ball between your legs and fire up your stomach muscles. You squeeze your bum, then take your hamstring and you use your hamstring to lift the ball up slightly. What you're going to find is be very aware that the hamstring might cramp. So if the hamstring cramps, just go down right away.

And If you slowly start to work on just bringing the ball up, and slowly taking it up, you'll find that over time (three weeks, six weeks, three months), you'll be able to sit there in a nice position where your stomach is contracted, your ass is fired up, and you've got that ball into a nice hamstring position where it's just up, sitting there nice and gentle. It's a very good hamstring exercise.

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