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Pension Plans, Employee Benefit Plans & Human Resources Providers, Videos & Transcripts

Whether you work in a small company or a large corporation, you will have to discuss pension and benefits with your employer at some time. Or, if you're an employer, you will need to decide upon a pension and benefits plan that makes sense to your business. HealthChoicesFirst has pension, benefits and human resources providers to help you make these decisions, along with information on insurance, employee health assessments, and more.

Employee Pension Plans

A pension is a fixed sum that is paid to someone after they retire from service. Depending on your employee pension plan, you may receive an employment-based pension (retirement plan), a social or state pension, or a disability pension. A Defined Benefit pension plan (DB Plan) provides an employee with the security of knowing what they can expect at retirement, as a monthly retirement income is clearly defined at the time of the plan implementation. A Defined Contribution pension plan (DC Plan) is different in that an employer specifies how much will be contributed on a regular basis.

Employee Benefit Plans

There are numerous employee benefit plan options, and it will depend on individual employers to determine the type of employee benefit plan they will provide. Companies will work with an employee benefit plan provider to structure and implement benefits to employees. Employee benefits are provided to employees in addition to their wages. Some examples of employee benefit plans are group insurance such as health insurance, dental insurance and life insurance, profit sharing, disability income protection, vacation (paid and non-paid), and sick leave.

Human Resources

Human resources are the people who make up the workforce of a company. As companies grow, it's important that they have a human resources professional or professionals to deal with issues such as employee benefit plans and company restructuring. Human resources professionals also generally deal with recruiting candidates for job opportunities, handling employee complaints, and ensuring the workplace is an enjoyable, fair place for employees to work. When it comes to human resources, it is usually broken down into three areas: demographics, diversity and skills and qualifications.

HealthChoicesFirst has a comprehensive pension plan, benefits plan, and human resources category with local providers and resources on topics such as employee insurance and employee health assessments.