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Whether you feel healthy or know you need to improve your lifestyle, a comprehensive health assessment is a great way to measure your current health level and set realistic goals. HealthChoicesFIrst has a wide selection of physician listings and comprehensive health assessment videos and transcripts to help you.

During the Comprehensive Health Assessment

A comprehensive health assessment is done by a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals, including a physician, a nurse, a kinesiologist and a dietitian. It takes about four hours to complete. A comprehensive health assessment look at factors such as family health history, lab tests, fitness testing, a hearing test (audiogram), lung function testing, resting cardiogram, a vision assessment and a nutrition assessment.

Executive Health Assessments

Many companies are realizing the benefits of executive health assessments. Promoting employee health leads to a reduction in costs associated with absenteeism and medical care. A big part of an executive health assessment is a consulting session to help employees set health and fitness goals.

Before you undergo an executive health assessment, you'll be given a a health questionnaire that asks about family history, lifestyle habits, mental health and more. This helps the healthcare team get a clear picture of your health before starting. A comprehensive health assessment should be done in healthy people starting at age 40 (males and females). However, people with pre-existing diseases, conditions or serious risk factors should undergo a comprehensive health assessment earlier.

Fitness Testing

A fitness test measures your strength, endurance and agility. Fitness testing allows healthcare professionals to identify your physical strengths and weaknesses so they can help you develop a treatment plan that's right for you. A fitness test is done by a kinesiologist. The kinesiologist evaluates muscular strength, flexibility, and endurance, and also tries to calculate a VO2 max (evaluate aerobic fitness). Kinesiologists also evaluate body density by measuring skin folds with a caliper. This calculates how much subcutaneous fat a person has, then uses an equation to predict body fat percentage and body density.

A VO2 max test looks at the maximum amount of oxygen that a person can utilize during exercise, effectively measuring how well the heart and lungs send oxygen to the muscles during exercise. Check out HealthChoicesFirst local physician listings and comprehensive health assessment videos and transcripts for more information.