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Smoking & Wellness Coaching Callie Bland

Callie Bland, RN, BSc, BSN, discusses wellness coaching and smoking. (Sponsored by: The Copeman Healthcare Centre)
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Quit Smoking with the Help of Life Coaching

Featuring Callie Bland, RN, BSc, BSN

Duration: 52 seconds

Wellness coaching can help people quit smoking.

Smoking is actually the leading cause of preventable disease in Canada, and it's the most important thing that you can do to improve your health and wellness. Smoking can cause things like cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke, and really cause other illnesses that decrease the quality of life for a person.

Coaches partner with clients to help clients motivate themselves to quit smoking, as well as develop a plan and put that plan into action. Studies show that a person who uses cessation medication or nicotine replacement in addition to coaching or counseling are much more likely to quit than using either strategy alone.

If you think that coaching could benefit you and help you quit, contact a coach today.

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Callie Bland, RN, BSc, BSN

Callie Bland is a RN and wellness coach who works at Copeman Healthcare Centre in Vancouver. Vancouver, BC

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